Aermate™ Wine & Spirits Aerator

Aermate™ Wine & Spirits Aerator provides an innovative, effective and fun way to aerate a variety of beverages.  It can provide aeration of a whole bottle or single glass in seconds as apposed to hours  in a decanter.  It is clean and simple and can aerate to your individual taste  unlike the messy pouring systems that are slow, splatter and spill.  It works on all red and white wines along with liquor and spirits.  Wine Aeration has shown to improve taste, awaken the natural aroma  of the product and enhance the drinkability of your favorite beverage.   It reduces tannins, acidity and sulfides.  It features a sleek modern design, rugged stainless steel and silicone construction that provide long term durability.  No glass or plastic to break or crack.  It conveniently stores in your kitchen drawer for easy access.